"All Scripture is inspired by God and
profitable for teaching, for reproof, for
correction, and for training in righteousness"

2 Timothy 3:16


Temperament therapy has been life changing for myself and now that I am married for my husband as well.  I struggled for years with multiple addictions, a dis-functional family, and severe codependency. I came to Ken hopeless and lifeless, to say the least. After digging through the muddy terrain of my past, coupled with the realization and application of my temperament (sanguine compulsive in affection...woohoo!) my eyes have been completely opened to a new way of living.  It has affected every relationship, including the healthy and unhealthy ones.  I've gone from experiencing the greatest sorrow I've ever known to my wellsprings of thankfulness overflowing!  JESUS was my healing, through this counseling!   AM (female age 23)

As a recovering alcoholic it was important for me to explore the root causes of my need to drink. Temperament therapy gave me a greater understanding of how I was created, and why I had certain tendencies. I was able to understand both the strengths and weaknesses in all areas of my life. I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and find ways to meet my needs in an acceptable way. I highly recommend this type of Christian counseling. It has given me great peace, and most of all a great relationship with God!  Initials and age withheld by request

Temperament therapy has been an awesome tool for me. It has given me eyes to see the weaknesses in my particular temperament where demonic strongholds were in place, in many cases, for most of my life. Through council and healing prayer, a connected ministry, I have received much healing from the Lord. The Lord is constantly seeking to work on our behalf, but we must give Him permission, for He is a gentleman. This council has given me eyes to see my need, my spiritual poverty and bondage. I now have much freedom and a vision for my life.  DB (male 49)

Through my counseling sessions, I was helped to see and understand more clearly the biblical principles that applied to my life and my situation at the time. The counseling I received helped me to prepare for what might lie ahead in my life and to deal with those things in ways that honored God. I am very grateful for Ken and the role he played and continues to play in my life. MK (female age 33)

God brought Ken into my life through a friend that had been to see him. It was a time when the bottom felt like it had dropped out of my life. Everything in my life was a mess including me. I had been to counselors in the past. In fact, both my husband and I both had been in the past but nothing had been effective. I found comfort, I found warmth, I found understanding and I found someone that could make sense out of all the craziness I found around me. I felt completely lost, alone and confused. I was taught about my temperament and about the things that I needed in my life to make it better. I could take what I learned about my life and myself and begin to put pieces of my life together and make some sense of it all. I can honestly say that since I began counseling my life has radically changed for the better. I would recommend Ken to anyone and have on more than one occasion. TB (female age 42)

I thank God for putting a Christian counselor in my life during the biggest storm I have ever faced. God used him as a messenger and mentor. Because he is a man who truly seeks guidance from God I felt very comfortable sharing my feelings and emotions with him. I never felt as if I was being judged-corrected at times, but never judged.  Learning my temperament was extremely beneficial. It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them in my future relationships. Not only did I benefit from knowing my temperament, but also gained knowledge about the other temperaments. I now have a better understanding of the people God has placed in my life. YP (female age 38)

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